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We thank Drs. Ron Schott, Ken Neuhauser, Richard J. Zakrzewski, John Heinrichs, and Gary Millhollen of the Department of Geosciences, Fort Hays State University, for guidance during the project. We thank Alice Baldridge, Dr. Phil Christensen, and Dr. Steve Ruff of Arizona State University for thermal spectroscopic testing; Dr. Duke Edward of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for near infrared spectroscopic testing; Dr. Huiming Bao of Louisiana State University and Dr. Nathalie V. Grassineau of the Royal Holloway University of London for conducting oxygen isotope analyses; Dr. Ellery Frahm of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for electron microprobe analyses; and Dr. Jesus Martínez-Frías of the Center of Astrobiology, University of Madrid (Spain), for comparative data and insight concerning the Getafe meteorite. For providing extensive suggestions and advice, we thank Dr. John Fournelle of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Randy Korotev of the University of Washington at St. Louis, Dr. Diane Johnson Cornelius of the Washington State University GeoAnalytical Lab, Dr. John Eiler of CalTech, Dr. Chris Fleisher of the University of Georgia, and Dr. Greg Arehart of the University of Nevada-Reno. A Kansas Geological Foundation grant provided partial financial assistance. We thank the countless individuals who provided us with contact information and comments.

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