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What is Writings Fondest Desire?

To be passionate

To be understood

To be felt

To linger

To be needed

To be wanted

To conquer the soul

To remind

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What is Writings Fondest Desire?

To be discovered

To stir the heart

To lift the soul

To create emotion

To be loved

To be hated

To be accepted

To be respected

For My Fanfiction Readers

If you have read anything from my epic Feudal Fairy Tale Begins Again (Based on the anime of Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi) to my small What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen? (Based on the anime Gundam Wing) then you will be in for a treat.^^ My first story I am attempting is called Unmasking Reality and my style of imagination may intrigue you even more than the setups of my regular fanfiction.

Note on My Fanfiction

You know me by now, right? I will try not to leave you hanging on my Best Man Steals the Bride, but I will be spending more time on this story right now.

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